How To Find The Best Betting Odds For Premier League

Fantasy Football

What Is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football is a fantasy sports game, predominantly played by gamers who wish to put their football knowledge to the test against other fans. In this game, participants form an imaginary team of real-life footballers and score points based on those players’ actual statistical performance. Every week, fantasy football sites match owners of fantasy football teams and reward the owner who gets the most points. If your selected English premier League lineup gets the highest number of fantasy points, you get to win cash prizes.

Who to choose for the team, who is playing against whom, has anyone been injured, have I made changes, what formation to choose, who will be my captain? These are all important questions, and you’re about to find the answers quickly.

The most popular version of fantasy football in the world is the Fantasy Premier League, run by the Premier League in the UK. This version of fantasy football has over 8 million fans around the world and they choose players from the 20 teams in the English Premier League that season. 

How To Play?

Fantasy Premier League is a game that casts you in the role of a fantasy manager. You have a task- to pick a team of real-life players who will score points for your team. Everything counts- playing in a match, scoring goals, earning an assist, keeping a clean sheet, saving a penalty, a win for the player’s team. On the other hand, points can be deducted. For example: receiving a yellow or red card, missing a penalty kick, scoring an own goal, getting substituted, losing for the player’s team.

How To Bet?

Operating as the most unpredictable and thrilling league in the world, the Premier League offers all the excitement and drama – hence the popularity from bookies small and large. Fantasy Football betting is not at all complicated. There are plenty of trusted local bookmakers where you can begin your fantasy football betting journey. There are a lot of trusted casinos like MerkurXtip that are now offering good betting options, no matter if you are a pro or a rookie. Also, there are many sports betting sites that have made a provision for fantasy sports betting, including Fantasy Premier League.

Using Betting Odds in Fantasy Premier League

Use betting odds as an integral part of your Fantasy Premier League decision-making. Here are some very useful betting odds:

Team to win odds

This is a useful tool in picking captain picks. If a team isn’t in the top 3, best odds to win a game then that would be a negative for picking a captain that week from that team.

Winners of the Premier League

Check out all the Premier League title odds and compare them to the actual table. This is an interesting way of seeing the bookie’s perception of a team’s sustainable form. 

Anytime Goalscorer 

Anytime goalscorer odds are exactly what they say. This applies to the player scoring one goal at any time during the game.

Clean Sheet odds

These are the odds that a team will get a clean sheet ie the opponent won’t score a goal against you.

The two main odds that are relevant are anytime goalscorer odds and clean sheet odds.  However, team odds to win can also be a helpful tool.